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Before Sunset: Awesome Activities for Catching The “Elyu Sunset”

La Union has been one of the go-to beach spots known for surfing and the famous “Elyu Sunset.” With vibrant orange hues and pink skies, it’s easy to understand why crowds gather even hours ahead just to catch it.

Looking for a serene and unobscured sunset experience? Awesome Hotel has the best front-row seats on the captivating horizon. And while waiting for this golden hour, you can try these out at Awesome Hotel:

Take A Dip By The Infinity Pool

Swim at the beach or swim in Awesome Hotel’s infinity pool. It’s one of the best pools in Surftown that looks right over the San Juan shoreline—no need to worry about jellyfish stings, especially during flat waves season. Apart from cool waters, it’s perfect for the whole family -- with a kiddie section and lifeguards on standby. Plus, it’s also a good spot to relax and enjoy bubble jets in the jacuzzi.

Go On A Global Merienda Foodtrip

Why not take your taste buds on a roadtrip? Indulge in Awesome Hotel’s global cuisine prepared by world-class Executive Chef Anthony Gallo. Whether it's Japanese, Southeast Asian, Western; sweet or savory, the food offerings can guarantee “cravings satisfied.”

Cheer For Your Favorite Sports Team

Don’t miss out on your favorite sports team’s next game! With multiple screens and a main [size of main LED screen], you can chill at Awesome Hotel’s sports bar. Get a round of cocktails and bar chow, perfect for Game Day afternoons!

Have Your Titahan Catch-up and Chikahan At Lobby Cafe

Tea time is Tita Time! If you have more of a sweet tooth or like to enjoy a cup of joe late in the afternoon, the Lobby Cafe is the perfect spot to wait for the sunset. With pastries freshly baked daily, your chikahan with amigas will be more interesting. You can also try the cafe’s Coffee Connectivity promo, where you can taste a variety of teatime treats served with coffee for 1,500 pesos good for 3-4 amigas, or try the 2,500 pesos good for 8 amigas!

You can find the cafe just behind the Infinity Pool. You’ll still get that awesome view of the sunset.

The Best Deals with Awesome Hotel

Surf, sand, and sunsets -- La Union has these to offer. What else can you ask for? Seaside luxury! Take your stay to another level and book with Awesome Hotel. With a 4-star rating, you get great package deals for top-notch accommodations, amenities, and global cuisine. Email us today at!

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