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Surf's Up: Catch The South Swell At Awesome Hotel

In search of that stroke? Head up to La Union, the Surfing Capital of the North. As tides turn and monsoon winds shift, the awaited South Swell season crashes along the West Philippine coast. And right by the sweet spot is La Union.

San Juan is one of its biggest draws, home to several surfing spots. So good are the waves that the first-ever World Surf League La Union International Pro 1000 surf competition was held here. You won’t need to search far since accommodations sprawl along the beachfront, including Awesome Hotel.

This South Swell season, Awesome Hotel is the best choice for your surf trip.

It's Closest to The Big City

The Philippines proudly boasts great surf spots like Baler, Siargao, and Zambales. Getting to La Union, though, is just a breeze, with the expressways zipping through Central and North Luzon. With the continuation of TPLX up to San Juan, the surf will be at your fingertips.

It Has Great Beginner Waves

Not all beaches and waves are suitable for surfing. Many factors, like the underwater terrain, reef formation, currents, and wind direction, come into play. Luckily, San Juan ticks all the right boxes making it one of the top surf destinations. There are two main surf seasons, North Swell and South Swell, respectively named after the Amihan (northeast monsoon wind) and Habagat (southwest monsoon wind). Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfer, there’s a spot for you to catch waves. And during the South Swell, one of the best spots is just around the corner of Awesome Hotel.

It's Got A Great Food Selection

Aside from its status as a premiere surfing location, La Union has also earned its right as a food hub. You definitely have many post-surf recovery options from local fusion and quirky food concepts.

And you don’t have to wander far if you’re looking to chill right by the beach. Awesome Hotel has culinary options that give you a stunning view of the surf and sea. Pastry lovers can visit Awesome Hotel's beloved Lobby Cafe. If you're craving tummy-filling meals, Awesome Hotel won't disappoint; indulge in Awesome Hotel's global cuisine prepared by world-class Executive Chef Anthony Gallo!

You Can Relax

After a long day surfing at the beach, there's no more perfect way to end than the day by relaxing right after! Get that “shaka” life after getting stoked by taking a dip by the infinity pool or the jacuzzi. If you’re down for cocktails, the Sports Bar at Awesome Hotel is your go-to! Try the draught beer or the different weekday promos from Monday to Wednesday this July! With Awesome Hotel's nearness to the beach and world-class amenities, destressing has never been this easy!

Enjoy The Best of La Union With Awesome Hotel

Surfing, sand, great food, and sunsets -- La Union has these to offer. What else can you ask for? Seaside luxury! Take your stay to another level and book with Awesome Hotel. With a 4-star rating, you get great package deals for top-notch accommodations, amenities, and global cuisine. Email us today at!

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