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The Big Picture: Level Your Team Up At Awesome Hotel

Want to maximize work productivity? Or improve your company’s inter-staff dynamics? Or need to come up with fresh ideas? Zest up the imagination to synergize and think out of the box by going outside!

A new change of environment aside from the usual work setup can be great! “A good work culture and work environment is very crucial in helping your employees to put their best foot forward,” says Pooja Agnihotri, in her book, 17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail: Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure.

Let’s Volt In!

Many factors could affect work dynamics and output. The different factors involved include the environment, leadership style, and work environment. However, one major factor is the lack of rapport and coordination among colleagues. There are several strategies to resolve this, and one of the tried and tested methods is by conducting team-building activities outside the usual office space.

Improved Communication & Dynamics

By taking your team out of their comfort zones -- desks and cubicles -- physical barriers are broken down, fostering an atmosphere for more open communication among other departments.

The workplace has evolved a lot since the pandemic. From 2019-2023, remote work continues to flourish. It can generate even larger cost reductions from space savings and global hiring, thus making it a feasible option for companies. In fact, 40% of US employees continue to work from home at least one day a week.

It has been predicted that due to research and development into new technologies to improve remote working, remote working will still continue. However, remote work comes with challenges - and that includes loneliness.

In her research, Helping Remote Workers Avoid Loneliness and Burnout, both Jennifer Moss and the 2018 State of Work point out loneliness is the biggest struggle of working remotely. It stems from working alone, physically. It’s also been a growing problem.

According to David Burkus’ Work Friends Make Us More Productive (Except When They Stress Us Out), having work friends can lead to a more productive work experience. There are nuances that come with having a close friend in the workplace. The research found that the workplace positively impacted employees’ performance, as judged by their supervisor.

Moreover, according to Christine Riordan’s We All Need Friends At Work, one way to improve engagement at work is to foster friendships. She also states that employees are more satisfied with their jobs when they have friendships with co-workers.

In Moss’s research, Joe Granato, the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Mountain Equipment Co-op, suggests that having the budget to gather in person should be mandatory in order to combat loneliness and build workplace camaraderie. “Face-to-face time builds quality relationships, thus enabling trust and speed in communications. Having opportunities to be together (in the same space, not virtually) is a quality investment,” he adds.

This is where team-building comes in! Team-building activities are great for developing positive relationships. They also facilitate an environment where officemates can get to know each other better in a more intimate setting without the formalities required in an office setting.

Opportunity for Identifying Leaders

Another perk of team building is that you can discover those with an aptitude for leadership during activities. You might notice those who take the initiative during activities. You might also notice those who show off their strengths and other skills during them!

Strategy Building & Application

Activities are a great way also to help you push the boundaries of your imagination! Moreover, they are great avenues to improve your problem-solving skills, as there are activities given to you to visualize and develop helpful work strategies! These strategies also can be helpful in your daily work tasks!

The Gameplan

Once set on going out for team-building activities, here are some things you should factor in:

  • Location - Your team-building location needs to be somewhere that’s easy to travel to. It has to be not too far, as well. Your venue should also have enough space to hold the number of attendees.

  • Value For Money - Organizing team building is not a walk in the park - especially when budget is concerned. When checking out your options, you may also have to weigh in if you’re getting the value for the amount you’re paying.

  • Environment - Team building is a good way to unwind from the stress of a long workday! An environment that’s good for that means having the right amenities and spaces where you and your colleagues can relax and unwind, such as a swimming pool, a garden, or maybe even a snack bar.

Why La Union Is The Best Place For Team Building!

Say Elyu, and many people will think automatically of beautiful waves, surfing, vibrant sunsets tinged with purple and orange - and local delicacies such as bagnet. However, there’s certainly more to Elyu than what meets the eye!

Elyu’s hidden gems and perks are also what make it the perfect place for your team-building activities!

Some of them include:

  • Accessibility - Elyu is only four hours away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila! It’s also quite easy to go there, thanks to new developments in the transportation system. Due to its proximity to the Metro, it has become a favorite destination for weekend warriors and spontaneous getaways!

  • Vitamin “Sea” - Elyu’s famous for its long stretch of sands and its picturesque sunsets! Its long stretch of sand extends from Bauang, San Fernando, San Juan, Bacnotan, Luna, and Balaoan. They’re also great for fishing, surfing, snorkeling - and every water-related activity you can imagine! Some notable Elyu beaches include Pebble Beach, Bacnotan Beach, and who can ever forget San Juan Beach? Bacnotan Beach and San Juan Beach are popular for their waves - perfect for surfing!

There’s a good reason why La Union is the Philippines’ Surfing Capital! From October to April, the North Swell Season is up. It’s a time when the hanging amihan (northeast trade winds) consistently produces waves perfect for surfing! Due to these winds, you can catch waves that reach up to 2-3 meters on a good swell! It’s also why it’s the ideal time to surf in Elyu!

An Amazing Team-Building Activities Experience With Awesome Hotel

Located in the heart of the North, Elyu is the best destination for team-building activities for its accessibility and awesome seascape. It’s perfect for that team getaway.

Awesome Hotel can give you great amenities, a space to spark inspiration and camaraderie - and an awesome time. Awesome Hotel offers great deals for top-notch accommodations, amenities, and global cuisine in the heart of San Juan, La Union. Email today at!

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