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This La Union Seaside Luxury Hotel Can #SeaTheChange

Updated: 6 hours ago

The sea is a place where we often find ourselves connecting with nature.

Being an essential part of our lives, the sea helps us grow and reflect. However, constant rapid development has changed the way we perceive our shores and affected its state.

With the tourism industry picking up from the pandemic, coastal communities like La Union adapted and opened their shores to local and foreign visitors alike. Although a welcome source of livelihood, the sudden influx of people weekend in and out has had its negative impacts, especially to the environment. For example, heaps of trash can be found sprawled across the shoreline where marine wildlife used to be abundant.

To sustain a serene seaside paradise, changes must be made. Fortunately, one hotel is certainly doing their part!

To help preserve La Union’s shores, Awesome Hotel, a member of the San Juan Resort Restaurant and Hotel Association, commits to adapting conscious changes. Being a beachfront hotel, Awesome Hotel has turned to adding more eco-friendly changes to its operations and activities. With these efforts, the hotel aims to leave a lasting positive impact to its guests and to the environment.

Solar Power

Lining the hotel’s rooftops are solar panels for harnessing solar power. Sun-soaked almost all year round, Awesome Hotel strategically uses this renewable energy source to sustain its operations even amidst power interruptions in the province.

Refillable Tumblers

The hotel has installed water stations at strategic locations on every floor. Instead of the complimentary bottled water, guests are provided with reusable tumblers they can refill at the water stations. This is one of the ways Awesome Hotel is lessening single-use plastics.

In-House Bottle Crusher

Moreover, the hotel has an in-house bottle crusher. Glass items like wine and beer bottles are fed to the machine which turns them into materials for construction. This upcycling strategy is not only cost-effective but also proves that innovation possibilities are limitless.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Across the world, more are shifting to electric vehicles as modes of transportation -- from private cars to public commutes. In the Philippines more of these options are being introduced and made available in efforts to reduce carbon emissions on the road.

Long drives up north with EVs will be less of a hassle since Awesome Hotel has an Electric Vehicle Charging Station -- one of the first in North Luzon. Here's to making your roadtrip green and eco-friendly!

Truly, the value here is instilling small habits to lend a part of your hotel stay.

In the long run, these steps are one of many ways that we can give back to the sea.

Awesome Hotel hopes to send a message to its guests through these initiatives and instill change for the sea. Although pollution has long been an environmental problem we face, it is a struggle that we continue to alleviate. Our decisions create different effects on those around us. However, small actions make a big impact.

Eco-Friendly Tourism With Awesome Hotel

Committing one’s self to environmental change is a long-term engagement. Fortunately, tourism in the Philippines is making gradual eco-conscious decisions. We can demonstrate how to preserve the environment and reconnect with nature through small initiatives. On an institutional level, though, is how bigger changes are even made - much like the policies that Awesome Hotel has adopted. By following one hotel’s initiatives, we can create a ripple effect for the whole tourism and hospitality industry, which can give us all a brighter and greener future.

Awesome Hotel is the perfect definition for sand, sea, and surf. Situated in La Union, Awesome Hotel promises to provide a safe, sustainable, and sea-conscious stay. Experience seaside splendor like no other, and book with us today!

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